About Us

Clown Around Children’s indoor Adventure Centre is Located at Botley lane in Portarlington town. Clown Around – Portarlington Adventure Centre offers a fun and exciting play and party experience for the many families, Schools, Clubs and party groups that visit. Clown Around is open seven days a week and hosts two multi level play areas with an additional sports zone and a large toddler play area.

This bright and colourful play centre will provide lots of fun and fitness for children in a non competitive environment. Adults can sit and watch all the play and activities from the comfort of the spacious Café area. The highest quality of coffee and teas are available from a menu that offers a wide range of tasty options to satisfy any appetite.

All children need safe and inviting environments in which to play. At clown around careful consideration has been taken to ensure all play materials and equipment are safe, durable, and take into consideration the age and ability of the children who come to play and have fun.

Clown Around adventure centre offers many obstacles and challenges for the children from ages 0-12.

Clown Around’s play equipment encourages use of both large and small muscles, as well as independent activities and social interaction that are of greatest benefit to your child. Our highly decorated play centre will stimulate imagination and creative ideas, and reflect a clean, safe and fun place for your child to play.